One of the biggest health issues that people face today is obesity. Technology and the Internet have actually stopped the youth from going out and exercising. Social media platforms are largely responsible for a sedentary lifestyle. Teenagers and modern youth are reluctant to go out and exercise. Health and fitness experts encourage modern youth to play sports and games to curb obesity and prevent the onset of disease. Parents and teachers at school should encourage the modern youth to go out and engage themselves in sports and other activities so that they remain fit and healthy.

Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete and basketball player based in Las Vegas at Nevada. He is an avid fan of LA Lakers and Oakland Raiders. He says that basketball is more than just a game. It promotes mental and physical health. Since it is a team sport, you need to coordinate with the other members of your team. This requires sharpness and agility. He says that the love for basketball has helped him stay mentally fit and physically healthy. This is why he promotes the game among everyone he meets.

How can obesity damage your health?

He says that obesity is taking the lives of many people in the USA. He understands that working out alone in the gym can be boring for most people. Moreover, if you are overweight and obese, the task of lifting heavy weights and other gym equipment can be challenging. Some obese and overweight people suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. They are conscious of their body when they hit the gym. They are scared that people will make fun of them, and so they stay at home doing exercises that hardly burn the excess weight that carries. For the few people that do go to the gym, they need to be on a very strict diet to get results. Their excess weight often becomes challenging when they do cardiovascular exercises, and in the absence of supervision, they land up with muscle sores and stiffness. In the long run, most people lose motivation, and they land up leaving the gym. The same goes for home exercises- whatever weight they lose; they gain back!

Basketball can help you eradicate obesity to a great extent. Randal Benjamin encourages you to play basketball. It is a fun sport that requires a lot of skills, jumping and running around, you get the opportunity to lose weight and fight obesity gradually. There are no aches and muscle sores involved when you play basketball. You may start at your pace. Gradually, you will find yourself becoming active and mentally alert. The excess weight that you carry sheds gradually. Basketball not only helps you to burn calories but it enhances your confidence. You regain self-esteem as you can see the positive transformation in your body. Basketball improves your health, and in a few months to a year, regular basketball practice will give you improved fitness, confidence, and healthy life!



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