Your team has realised you ought to invest in some new football attire – now it is time to direct your attention to what matters. For the people interested in football, the primary criteria will be what the kit is made from, it’s comfort and its performance. The best performing Football Kits should have features like cutting edge sport’s tech, great support and developed wholly for the intended sport. These are just a preview of the best suppliers of footy tops available right now.

Why don’t you consider Adidas football kits for use in your sports team?

As the biggest producer of sports attire in Europe and the 2nd biggest worldwide after Nike, you can safely say that they know their stuff! The famous 3 stripes ensure the very best quality for your team’s sports kits. If you have been searching for whole kits or single items, visit  for every one of your Adidas sporting needs.

You may want to take a peek at Kappa football kits

Coming from making socks in Italy at the start of the  20th century to growing to be a leading global athleisure icon, Kappa shot to popularity in 1967. A leader in athleisure and sports clothing, Kappa are a fantastic choice for all your sporting clothing requirements. It isn’t just about image though, you’ll want a kit that works so your team can succeed in matches and Kappa, thankfully, offers both.

Why not take a look through our Macron football kits

Work hard, play harder is the slogan for this European sporting fashion label and you’ll always play hard with this range of specialised sports clothing for football. Macron football shirts have now been seen centre-stage after sponsorship deals with top flight teams, this is as well as a great number of developing teams across the country. It could be that you’ve not been told about Macron, but as they have a wide range of well-fitted kit for every need, you should definitely take a glance.

Why you should buy Errea football kits

If you are seeking an eco-friendly and ethically responsible sports clothing producer, Errea are the first to guarantee clothes are free from harmful chemical substances. Italians are renowned for their love for football and this shows through in the variety of kit designs, making Errea an excellent choice. Errea rose to popularity in the early 1990s in the UK and since then they have been kitting out numerous teams, on both national and local levels.

Why you should shop Mitre football kits

A truly legendary label in the world of football – Mitre are the original sports apparel name and were established in 1817. Created in 1817, Mitre is renowned for anything from official game balls to sports kit for a great many sports. When it’s time to update your football gear, you can count on the Mitre brand who have over 200 years of knowledge of clothing sportsmen and women.

To sum things up

With so many companies to select from, you’re going to be spoiled for choice whether you play for fun or you are fiercely competitive. What you wear during a match should give you great movement, breathability and help you remain cool so that you only have to give thought to football. Picking the best companies in the industry will make sure your play is the only aspect you need to focus on. More attributes to look out for in your sportswear include durability, stretch, absorption and care instructions as it needs to be easy to clean quickly shortly after taking a beating!

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