This weekend was an amazing one on the water. Yes! You’re still buzzing from your sessions so you wash and dry all your gear before you go to the next session. All boards, kitses, sails and control bars get a thorough wash/dry/inspect after each session. Your harness? Your harness doesn’t require the same amount of care as your riding gear. But you are wrong! You shouldn’t be treating your harness like a horse. These basic maintenance and care instructions will ensure that your Ride Engine harness performs like a high-end stallion for many sessions and years to come.


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It should come as no surprise that your harness must be washed with fresh water every time you use it. To keep your harness comfortable and easy to adjust, you must wash it off of any sand, salt, or algae that it has been exposed during the session. If you don’t do this, your harness will become stiff and brittle and the lining will be sabotaged by sand or salt.



Your gear can be very damaging, including your harness. After giving it a thorough rinse, hang it up in the shade to dry out from direct sunlight. Although your Ride Engine harness is made with the best materials, prolonged sun exposure will cause damage to the neoprene webbing-adjustment straps and lining. Don’t leave your harness out in the sun overnight. Instead, keep it in a dry, cool place such as your garage or gear room.



Make sure you inspect your harness thoroughly before you go on the water. This isn’t some seasonal inspection suggestion–thoroughly examine your harness every day you use it, otherwise, something could go wrong and you’ll be faced with a long swim or much, much worse. You should inspect the connections between your harness and your spreader bars, leash, and spreader hooks or sliding rope.

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