For playing free 3ds games on Nintendo 3DS, the Sky3ds and Sky3ds plus are both released, which is much better for working on 3DS V11.11.0-43E? Here I compare the 2 Sky3ds cards for you, so you can make a decide on which Sky3ds flashcard to buy.

Sky3ds(red button and blue button)

Sky3ds has 2 versions too, the oldest is Sky3ds V1, red button Sky3ds. This sky3ds card is the first one break 3DS Firmware limit to support 3ds games on any system version. However, it has one Biggest weakpoint, it can only be used to play 10 3ds games.

Then soon the Sky3ds V2, blue button Sky3ds card released by the same team, this time, the sky3ds is updated, it can play over 31 3ds games. However, the game limitation is still there. So it isn’t a perfect Sky3ds card still.

Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds Plus

In the year 2015, with the releasing of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, many 3ds games are with Anti-piracy check, which means that the Sky3ds V1 and Sky3ds V2 are not able to play them. So before the end of 2015, Sky3ds team produces the third version Sky3ds card, that is the Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus. It is very different from the old Sky3ds, either in appearance and in chip.

  • Sky3ds plus has 2 buttons to switch 3ds games.
  • Sky3ds plus has a firmware to work with, it’s updatable for now.
  • Sky3ds plus fixed the 3ds games AP check issue, it can play Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and all other games.
  • Sky3ds plus also has a exclusive tool, called Skydock, which let users to dump the private header from the official 3ds game card, so online game can be very safe.

Sky3ds VS Sky3ds Plus, which to buy for hacking 3DS V11.11?

Of course the answer is Sky3ds plus or Sky3ds+, the Sky3ds plus is with all Sky3ds functions, such as playing 3DS Games, cracking All 3DS Firmwares, but the Sky3ds+ is much better than Sky3ds card, it with the following advantages.

  1. Sky3ds plus has 1 one button on card than Sky3ds, users can pickup games by pressing the button several time at a time.
  2. Sky3ds plus uses the firmware to play 3DS Roms on Nintendo 3DS, no need for users to flash roms firstly via the Sky3ds Disk Writer tool.
  3. Sky3ds plus plays much more games than Sky3ds cards, excludes the eshop games, it can play All 3DS Games to you.

So on 3DS V11.11.0 or any other lower firmware console, compared with Sky3ds, the Sky3ds+ is a better 3ds flashcard to buy. It’s Now On Sale in Italia shop and American store You can buy it with Voucher code “NL32G51Z” or “Anxchip” and choose USA or EU shipping for it, so you can get the Sky3ds plus card in A week.

One last thing, the Sky3ds plus and Sky3ds both only play Nintendo 3DS Games, they can’t be used to play DS games, if you want a ds flashcard, purchase the R4 3DS.

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