Fitness is an important element of a healthy lifestyle, and attractive workout gear is an important element of a healthy self-image. It was said that man makes the clothes not the other way around, but these days women’s apparel is a billion-dollar industry because women make the clothes that sell. Every year women spend millions of their shopping dollars on fitness apparel and athleisure wear. Women are in search of high-quality garments that enhance their workouts by providing style, comfort, and flexibility. Women want clothing that looks and feels good but doesn’t bind while providing the support needed for strenuous workouts. When it comes to fitness, there are different materials that increase the comfort level during the workout. Listed below are examples of the most popular workout gear materials.

Top Fabrics for Activewear

  1. Cotton blends: Keep you cool, are affordable, and long-lasting.
    2. Spandex: Stretches with you, are durable, and provides support during workouts.
    3. Polyester: Very affordable and durable, works in most types of fitness routines.
    4. Nylon: Keeps you cool, lightweight, flexible, and is very durable.
    5. Bamboo: High-quality (can be polluting to produce) but made of plant-based materials.

Cotton is a popular fabric for clothing but doesn’t hold moisture well unless it’s blended with other materials such as nylon, polyester, or elastane. Spandex material is very popular and commonly used in workout fabrics. It is durable and affordable and can survive many washings. The graphics on polyester fitness wear may show signs of aging quicker than the actual fabric. Nylon is extremely popular in workout apparel and is durable, long lasting, and of higher quality. It is also very affordable.

Different fitness routines perform better with the right apparel. Women especially need upper body support. Sports bras made of durable materials will support women’s upper body during running, weight lifting, and cardio performance exercises. Weight lifting works much better with looser fitting clothing, whereas, yoga is well suited for fabrics with more stretch. Proper workout gear can help prevent injury while being functional and attractive. Today’s woman who places a high value on fitness for a healthy lifestyle does not have to sacrifice fashion for functionality.

Shopping online is a fast and fun way to buy fitness gear. There are a huge variety of options for each type of workout. Runners will find racer-back tanks with built-in shelf bras, sports bras for all sizes and body types. Compression garments and workout shoes are available and affordable. Size charts will help you pick the right size, and customer reviews can recommend sizing up or down for certain garments. Fabric care tags are listed, and you will be able to choose items that have less shrinkage and long-lasting colors. Choose from bold prints, stripes, color blocks, and so many other fashionable patterns. You want materials that are flexible and designed for different type workouts. Your fitness garments should be well-fitting and offer the support you need. Sports bras should be snug should protect your breasts from movement. Purchasing quality garments or your fitness routine will enhance your workouts. You will be able to place your focus on your routine without worrying about tugging and pulling on ill-fitting fabrics.


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