The traditional Blade-style putter is being abandoned by the professionals, who are now using Mallet Putters more often in golf. Professional golfers who are more skilled and have the skills to use the blade style putter effectively still prefer it to the Blade style putter. Mallet putters are great for beginners and intermediate golfers. However, putting with accuracy can be difficult. Mallet putters are a great tool for golfers to help them improve their putting skills. These are some of the main benefits:

  1. Popularity – The growing popularity of the Mallet is a clear indication that there is a market. Major brands such as Taylormade, Callaway and Ping are now producing and distributing Mallet Putters in large quantities. They are great at helping golfers do what they love best, which is playing golf.
  2. New Designs – Golfers like Best mallet putters when they first appeared on the market. They were heavy, bulky, and awkward. Manufacturers are now able to respond to the feedback by offering product improvements and increased popularity. We are seeing more putters every month.
  3. Improved Features – The Mallet Putter’s ability to react faster than the Blade Putter is one of three major characteristics. These are the three main features:
    • The Mallet head is larger than the normal size and weight. This gives the Mallet Putter a better forward control and moment-of-intertia, which helps to prevent twisting that we often see in Blade Putters. This allows the player to focus more on the place they are hitting it than on how they hit it.
    • Improved Alignment This type of Putter provides a much better alignment to the put. This is due to the weight and size of the Mallet head, as well as the overall club size. This is also affected by how the club rod has been attached to Mallet head. Attachment offers alignment support similar to a pool cue, which allows the Putter to putt with great precision. Mallet putters are preferred by many professionals because they provide more support for alignment than the Blade.
    • The Weight of the Putter – The putter’s overall weight is actually heavier than many Blade putters. This allows the pros to focus on the mechanics of their shot while the club does most of the work.

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