Following are few useful tips for all occasions during the adventure of The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Do not forget to search the opening location: there are a lot of unlocked chests in it, in which you can find the master keys, money and equipment. Part of the location is individual, and everything in it is also.
  • If you are “stuck” in a conversation with the NPC, then type / reload in the chat, or press “‘” (an apostrophe in the English layout), or select the mail in the interface.
  • Carry as many master keys as possible! They can be found in chests, wardrobes, in boxes around the world, as well as buy from sellers.
  • You can move through your card (M) to any open way stone for ESO gold, but if you go to the nearest stone and use it, the “transportation” will be free of charge.
  • Your inventory is initially 50 slots, it can be increased to 110. The first 10 are worth 400 gold, the next 10 are already 2000. The inventory can be increased with horse bags, but this is a dubious waste of horse development – over time, you can open a maximum of inventory slots for money and you won’t be able to pump the horse again. However, if you want, you can keep two or more horses.
  • In all thecharacters the same personal bank – the one on your account.
  • If you press Q and hold, the quick access panel opens, in it you can select the active element. After a quick click on Q, the item will be used.
  • The loot from the mobs in the game is personal – helping to kill the mob, you will receive a reward commensurate with the efforts, and the one who helped you will not take yours from you.
  • Do not forget to explore the territory in search of the Sky Shards (Skyshards). See their Achievements section of your journal (J) for clues about their whereabouts.
  • There is no auction in the game!Items can be sold to vendors, via chat and personal trading, or in a guild store.
  • Mundus stones give permanent buffs to your character, which are removed only when another such stone is activated. You can change buffs at any time: just find the stone you need.
  • Nested skill points can be redistributed for a high fee in gold, while no progress in swinging branches and skills will be lost. Nested attribute points can also be redistributed, but the price will be even higher.
  • You can be a vampire or werewolf and at the same time be a member of the Guild of Fighters. When you join the Mages Guild, the Shalidor Library becomes available to you, in which you can read all the lorin books that you collected for progress in the Guild.
  • Eidic memory will become available later, and you can read not only the lore notes, but generally any note found in the game.
  • When you move into the zone of another alliance, all its content is equated at level 50.
  • Good things fall from bosses in public dungeons, and they respawn pretty quickly.
  • Most of the locked chests are along the coast.
  • Always check dressers in homes: they may contain racial style books for crafts.
  • Loot from chests in dungeons is not personal: beware of ninja looters and avoid being them yourself.


  • After buying a horse, do not forget to talk to the groom again – once every 20 hours you can feed your horse, increasing its characteristics. More information about horses can be found in our mount guide.
  • The maximum level of each horse is 50.
  • The cheapest horse will not be able to catch on the characteristics of the expensive, so consider this factor when buying.


  • You can collect any resources for any craft, even if you do not download them. By breaking existing things into resources, you get additional experience for disassembling, this can be used when pumping crafts: create a thing, break a thing. The vendor’s selling price for created items is very low. Search everything! Especially if you have chosen the craft of the Cook.
  • Place the ingredients for crafting in a personal jar: you do not need to get them from there to craft something on the machine!
  • Using special machines scattered throughout Tamriel, you can create crafting sets. Corresponding alliance zones contain the same machines.
  • The passive skills of the keen eye make it easier to see resources when collecting. Disabling grass and shadows in the graphics settings also helps in the search – you will be surprised how much easier it is to consider where the resources are.

PVP Tips

  • Do not forget about soul stones! They are necessary for the resurrection of allies and are never superfluous.
  • You can join the Alliance War using the menu L. Do not forget to compare the campaign with the one in which your friends and the guild participate!
  • You can leave Cyrodiil with the help of the Waystone – transfer to it and select another location.

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